SIGURD DER KREUTZRITTER performing at STOFF – Stockholm Fringe Festival the 15th of August.

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One of Sweden’s most successful/notorious stage exports visits Stoffholm with their uncompromising production of “Sigurd der Kreutzritter”. Institutet has a history of inviting audience to journeys deep into the darkness: Together with the Finnish group Nya Rampen and Markus Öhrn Institutet has previously produced „Conte d’Amour“ (2011) and „We love Africa and Africa loves us“ […]

Reviews “Sigurd der Kreuzritter” at Inkonst in Malmö

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Read more about the guest performances: “Rymden” “Skanska Dagbladet” “Sydsvenska” “Nummer”  


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The next Opening: BONES A Swedish-French-German co-production between Institutet and L‘Outil.                 Let me see you stripped down to the bone…(Depeche Mode). The spirit of being as a bone; mortality as condition for life and liveliness: Is there life after un-deadness? A vanitas* motive for the stage: Bones […]

Sigurd trailer #3

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We love Africa and Africa loves us performing in Genneva 6 and 7 September at La Batie 2013, Festival de Genéve

Sigurd der Kreuzritter

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By Institutet (Swe) in coproduction with Südpol, Luzern, Schweiz Premiere: 13th of September 2013 at Südpol Luzern More showings: Südpol Luzern on 14th of September 2013 Inkonst Malmö on 2th and 28th of November 2013 Cinnober Göteborg on 30th of November and 1st of December 2013   Institutet has a history of inviting audience to […]

this is what Institutet works on: Sigurd der Kreuzritter // Sigurd the Crusader

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in co-production with Südpol, Luzern, Schweiz An apocalyptic orchestrated recitative Opening Night: 13th of September 2013 at Südpol Luzern Among all trivial everyday horrors of our post-political globalist times, some events stand out as traumatic obstacles to the “business as usual” reproduction of liberal permissive and tolerant subjectivity: the events at Utöja 22nd of July […]

Review “We Love Africa…” at Baltic Circle Festival

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Teaterrecension: Patriarken och Afrikaprojektet We love Africa and Africa loves us Nya Rampen och Institutet Regi: Markus Öhrn. Manus och research: Anders Carlsson. Musik: Andreas Catjar. Kostym och scenografi: Pia Aleborg. Skulptur och scenografi: Oskar Nilsson. På scenen: Elmer Bäck, Anders Carlsson, Rasmus Slätis, Jakob Öhrman. Teknik: Patrick Tucholski. Finlandspremiär på mediecentret Lume på Baltic […]