this is what Institutet works on: Sigurd der Kreuzritter // Sigurd the Crusader

in co-production with Südpol, Luzern, Schweiz
An apocalyptic orchestrated recitative
Opening Sigurd_held_kleinNight: 13th of September 2013 at Südpol Luzern

Among all trivial everyday horrors of our post-political globalist times, some events stand out as traumatic obstacles to the “business as usual” reproduction of liberal permissive and tolerant subjectivity: the events at Utöja 22nd of July 2011 were such an un-penetrable obstacle, and the perpetrator, the white Christian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik; is a representation of some Thing in us we cannot acknowledge without questioning fundamental values in our culture.
The production “Sigurd – Der Kreuzritter” will focus towards the omnipresent discourse of liberal tolerance, the demand on the individual to respect otherness in terms of religious, cultural, sexual deviance from the norm.
In an all too naïve staged narration, Sigurd lives in a typically Nordic little red house. He has some chickens, and he has a little child to take care of and he has a small garden. All-in-all he is a normal guy performing the standard habitus of a typical male European middle class citizen, but when he falls asleep another world opens …

Text and idea: Anders Carlsson
Dramaturgue and live musician: Martin Krall
Performance: Anders Carlsson
Set design and costume: Jeannine Simon (Ass. Andriana Seecker)
Choreography: Andriana Seecker
Artistic advisor: Christoph Wirth