Sne, blomster, fisk & fjer – World-premiere – 1th of february  @ FÅR302

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Sne, blomster, fisk & fjer – World-premiere – 1th of february  @ FÅR302

Free us from what we created!

We pull the plug and disappear to a safe place, a place where we can be left in peace. A world of beauty and poetry.
Because we no longer have the time or ability to just BE.

Truth is we no longer know who we are. It has been so for a long time. We always did it. Dreamed of fleeing modern life. To a sanctuary, a haven. Our discomfort in civilization kindles our imagination, about another and better place. We long for nature – because how did we get caught in what we created?

TEATER FÅR302 has invited Swedish – German stage-duo Anders Carlsson and Andriana Seecker to create a tableau vivant to help us escape from external pressures and inner control.

World-premiere – A co-production with Institutet 
CAST: Pauli Ryberg, Charlotte E. Munksgaard & Birgitte Prins
REGIE AND CHOREOGRAPHY: Anders Carlsson (SE) & Andriana Seecker (DE)
SOUND: Andreas Catjar
FASHION DESIGN: Nicholas Nybro
LIGHTS: Sonja Lea

PHOTO: Thomas Cato

1th – of February 2016, monday – friday 8pm, Saturday 5pm

More info on facebook.