Sauna on Wheels (2012)

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As a concept for enhanced visibility and as a tool for artistic and business networking – we developed something that already exists – a sauna.

The sauna has several aspects of relevance for discussions in contemporary stage art; embodied experience, naturalism, performance, performative actions, ritual, participation, central perspective, transgression, cleansing (Catharsis) … etc. Institutet‘s “Sauna on Wheels” can be a place for performances (a stage), but it can also be a social sculpture and a luxury wellness experience, suitable as well as surprising on both the business meeting as well as the art festival.

The sauna project is funded by
Institutet (in partnership with Tulikivi)

Project management: Katja Kettner & Tine Elbel
Artistic director: Anders Carlsson
Construction: Jeannine Simon
Hosts/performers: Anders Carlsson, Andriana Seecker
Advisor: Jukka Hytti
Tulikivi representative: Heikki Vauhkonen