Woman (2011)

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An offer to explore the phantasma of Woman from within.

It has been argued that woman do not exist outside the range of the male gaze, and that sexual liberation can not be based on the binarism of the two sexes. It is also discussed that there is no way out, no neutral place from which we can understand ourselves better and to create new ways to live and to love. Therefore, we will remain here, within the logic of heterosexuality and monogamy. Why do we desire and why does desire die? Are doomed to desire what is beyond our reach? The concept of “Woman” is both the problem and a key to the exit from the heteronormative repetition.

WOMAN moves between the private and the political, between the particular and the universal, and this movement is intended to open new ambivalence and opportunities for the understanding of love and desire machinery. The show wants to talk about one thing, subject, in relation to the other, the object, and show how this binary logic also has its counterpart in theater’s fundamental relationship between the seeing (audience) and seen (performers).

Cast & Crew:
On stage: Claire Vivianne Sobbottke, Werner Metha, Andriana Seecker, Anders Carlsson, Christoph Wirth, Andreas Catjar, Birgitt Bodingbauer
Set Design: Clementine Pohl
Video: Video Gruppe Leipzig
Choreography: Nightmare Before Valentine
Lighting technology: Volker Schmidt
Research: Ervik Cejvan
Artistic direction: Anders Carlsson

WOMAN is a collaboration between Institutet, Nightmare Before Valentine, Video Gruppe, Ballhaus Ost and Inkonst | the performance is presented with the support of the Swedish Arts Council, Kultur Malmö and Region Skåne.


For pictures + trailer click here