LOVAC new album

LOVAC, comprising Anders Carlsson, Erica Li and Martin Krall,  is part of a larger movement of modern European pop music that draws inspiration from traditional folk music and brings it to new life in a fertile clash with the contemporary minimalistic industrial scene. Douglas P, whose songs Lovac covered (as Down in June) calls it “totenpop”. Analogue synthesizers are layered over electric guitars, supplemented with a variety of acoustic instruments, including military drums and the Persian santoor. In 2010 they released “Apes of a Cold God”, an album that invites the listener to take a deep look into the abysmal underside of civilization. Their next release will be the mini-album “The Fish & the Fist”, scheduled for early 2013. Lovac’s members Andreas Catjar, Anders Carlsson, Martin Krall and Erica Li live in Berlin, Stockholm and Malmö.

“this is an album you can’t afford to pass on if you have any kind of interest in any kind of alternative music, and that’s final.” – the shadws commence

“there are some achingly beautiful songs here” – musique machine

“following their widely acclaimed …covers death in june was always going to be difficult, but lovac have pulled it off” – compulsion


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