Board Members

Institutet Board Members 2014


Andreas Ingefjord

Andrew is a qualified librarian with a bachelor diploma at the bottom. He has worked since 2005 as a project manager in Malmö with the meeting place “Garaget” and will during 2011-2012 work the children’s department project “Tweens”. Andreas is also multi-talented artist and figurates as a performer in and organizer of the Copenhagen-based group “Club de la Faye”. He is also a frequent DJ, club organizer and musician.

Albin Balthazar

Programme manager at the culture centre Moriska Paviljongen in Malmö between 2011 and 2012. Founder and creative director at the culture consultancy The Art Lobby, Sweden. Albin is a writer, performing artist, concept developer and producer. He has studied and lectured Culture Production and Cultural Policies at Malmö University.

Linnea Carlsson

Visual artist and sculptoror, living in Malmö.

Erica Li Lundqvist

is currently a Phd Canidate in Islamology at Lund University with a special focus on Homosexuality and Islam. Erica Li has a masters degree in International Development and Managment. Outside of the academic world she is a singer and musician in the band Lovac and member of the international performance art collective Club de La Faye.

Ejvik Cejvan

Ph. D. Candidate in Philosophy of Religion at Lund University. Area of research: the psychoanalytic theory of Jacques Lacan in relation to the question of God, body, desire and being. Areas of interest: philosophy, psychoanalysis, religion and art.