LET ME SEE YOU STRIPPED DOWN TO THE BONE…(DEPECHE MODE). The spirit of being as a bone; mortality as condition for life and liveliness: Is there life after un-deadness?

A vanitas* motive for the stage: BONES explores and exorcizes the zombie-side within the living, in search for the edgy moment, when everyday knowledge and perception crashes into the experience of death, including the discomforts and fears, our different attitudes to loss, decay and the final existential moment that after all opens for resurrection. From the perspective of the universe, the death of a human might seem a marginal event, but we – the living and dying – must cope with the fact that some when in the future fingernails become blue and the skin black. In an accelerating virtualized post-modern society of spectacle, the acknowledgement of mortality must give way for the un-deadness that replaces an authentic experience of life; an experience that can only be based on the fact that we are dying.


On stage: Anders Carlsson, Victor Lenoble, Andriana Seecker

Directing/writing: Christoph Wirth, Olivier Veillon

Music: Anders Carlsson

Choreography: Andriana Seecker, Christoph Wirth

Lightdesign: Olivier Veillon

Productionmanagement : Christine Elbel, Katja Kettner, Amélie Philippe

Antoine Lenoble


Length of performance: 1.20h

A Swedish- French–German co- production between INSTITUTET and L’OUTIL Produced with support from: Swedish Arts Council, City of Malmö, Région Bourgogne, Festival Actoral de Montévidéo and Centquatre, Paris, Inkonst Malmö, Balhaus Ost Berlin.


*Vanitas themes as well as Ars moriendi, Danse Macabre, and Memento mori motifs were common in medieval art and were intended to remind of the transience and futility of life, reflecting an obsession with death and bodily decay.